The Richmond Doula Project is committed to providing affordable doula support to people in Richmond, VA.

We believe that doula support should be treated as a right, not a luxury. As much as possible, we serve individuals and families for free, rather than turn them away. That said, without funds to pay our doulas for their time and to invest in the tools and materials that benefit clients, we can only serve a few people in limited ways. You can help us do more and reach further.

Donation Rewards


Digital "Reproductive Justice is for Lovers" Banner + Thank You


$100 rewards + 45 minute Skype Q+A session with some of our doulas!


Handwritten "Reproductive Justice is for Lovers" Postcard Thank You


$100 rewards + dinner in Richmond with some of our doulas!


"Reproductive Justice is for Lovers" T-Shirt + your name on our Gratefulness Page


$1000 rewards + a screen printing party with you and some of our doulas!


$50 rewards + "RJIFL" Canvas Tote

Richmond Doula Project donations are accepted through our sponsor, the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project. RRFP is a registered 501(c)3, and all donations are tax-deductible. A donation receipt will automatically be sent to you for your records.

What Our Work Costs


8 hours of prenatal support for one birth client (about 3/4 prenatal meetings)


12 hours of labor support (labor can last anywhere from 3-24+ hours)



1 Prenatal Birth Education Packet for one client



1 Postpartum Gift Package for one client (ex. basket with tea, pads, lanolin, etc.)


8 hours of support for one abortion client


1 Abortion Educational Care Packet for one client


4 hours of intake and follow-up surveying for one client


10 hours of admin work (emails, calls, website management, financials etc.) a week


Cost of our website, domains, and email registration annually


become a richmond doula project partner

Do you provide a service to pregnant people that you would be interested in donating through the Richmond Doula Project? Maybe you're a:

chiropractor • massage therapist • postpartum doula • acupuncturist • acupressure specialist • placenta encapsulation specialist • maternity photographer • birth photographer • other

Connect with us about donating your services and you'll get listed on our website as a partner, and we'll send you this beautiful badge to share with the world that you support reproductive justice in Richmond, VA!

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can i donate specifically to birth/abortion services?

When you donate...